Та өөрийн амьдарч буй улс орондоо согтууруулах ундаа хэрэглэх насанд хүрсэн байх ёстой. Та согтууруулах ундаа хэрэглэх насанд хүрсэн үү?

Тийм croogo
Хэтрүүлэн хэрэглэх нь таны эрүүл мэндэд хортой.

Selenge taria llc


“Selenge Taria” LLC grows wheat, barley, oat, potatoes and vegetables on total of 7,000 hectares of land in Tsagaannuur Soum of Selenge province, Orkhontuul, and Hutag Undur soums of Bulgan province. Our mission is to ensure food safety by cultivating safe vegetables locally, substituting import and to create Mongolian organic brand. In order to accomplish this mission, the company applies advanced technologies for harvesting fresh and safe vegetables grown in fertile soil of Mongolia to contribute to the development of modern farming practices in Mongolia. 

Annual average production volume is 2000-3000 tons of potato, 500-700 tons of carrot, 500 tons of turnip, and 1000-1400 tons of onion on an irrigated field. Portfolio is being diversified to include wheat, barley, oat, raps, and Holland specie of onion. 

During previous years, the company has been harvesting 1,8-2,2 tons of wheat per hectare of land, which ranked the company as the best harvester in Mongolia. Crops and vegetables harvested are supplied to our holding company MTS Agro, and stored in a well- equipped safe warehouse before final sale to end customers. Our clientele list includes, such big corporates, as APU, Tavan Tolgoi, Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi, Wagner Asia, Shangri-La Hotel, Blue Sky Hotel and MonRoad Company and so on. The wholesale trading agreements were signed with “Ulaanbaatar Flour” LLC, “Altan Taria” LLC, “Agriculture Support Fund” of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light industry, “BTs Trade”. 

The Company has been appointed as an official distributor of SAME DEUTZ-FAHR Group within the framework of  the “Virgin Land III Campaign” announced by the Government of Mongolia. . Official distribution of SAME DEUTZ-FAHR equipment in Mongolia has greatly contributed to resolving the issues and challenges faced by the agricultural sector. The Company is also an official distributor of Twister Westfield brands from AG Growth International Company.